Luster Grand Hotel, RS009

Assemblage - Rondenion  Play

Plus Eight - Rondenion  Play

Babel - Rondenion  Play

Never Despair - Rondenion  Play

Glitter Hole - Rondenion  Play

Joy - Rondenion  Play

Well Done - Rondenion  Play

Hallucination - Rondenion  Play

Moon Sniper - Rondenion  Play

Memories - Rondenion  Play

Roundabout Sounds and Plus Research together are proud to present the debut album from Japanese artist "Rondenion" of Ragrange Records.

Ten tracks (2x12") to be released on Roundabout sounds and 14-track digital version of the album to be released on Plus Research, early September.

Soul Desire EP, RS008

She Said. He Said. - Rondenion  Play

Bialowieza - Rondenion  Play

She Said. He Said. (Rick "The Godson" Wilhite's "She Said Deeper" Mix) - Rondenion  Play

Bialowieza (Baaz's Shoeshine Mix) - Rondenion  Play

She Said. He Said. (Joe's Roundabout Dub) - Rondenion (Digital-only)  Play

Roundabout Sounds presents the Soul Desire EP from Japanese artist Rondenion (Ragrange Records). Two tracks to wet your appetite for Rondenion's first full length LP to be released this summer on Roundabout Sounds.

Remixes on the flipside by Rick (The Godson) Wilhite of Detroit and Baaz (Office Recordings) in Berlin.

Connecting the Compass, RS007

I Think - Karizma  Play

Hush - Baaz  Play

Defstar (Godon Mix/Re-edit) - Marcellus Pittman  Play

Larry17 - Jacques Bon & Nicolas Villebrun  Play

A Matter of Respect - Sean Tate  Play

Lone Sun - Soulphiction  Play

Kubba - Joe Babylon  Play

Harmonie Park Bluz - Jon Easley  Play

Track from the East - Norm Talley  Play

Gin & Whine - Suburb  Play

I'm Going Downstairs (Godson Mix/Re-edit) - Theo Parrish  Play

After a year in the making, Roundabout Sounds is proud to present "Connecting the Compass". This is a triple vinyl various artists album, compiled by label boss Joe Babylon and Rick Wilhite (3 Chairs, Vibes Music -Detroit).

Both original and previously unreleased, these tracks offer up an array of expressions from some proficient artists located here in the US and Europe.

Mellow Drama EP, RS006EP

Give it - Suburb  Play

Give it - Tristen Remix  Play

Alimono - Moshi Moshi  Play

Alimono - Rick (The Godson) Wilhite Remix  Play

RS006 "Mellow Drama EP" features a pair of up-&-coming duo acts; Suburb from Hamburg and a pair of Greek artists known as Moshi Moshi.

The remixers on this project are Tristen, A White Label artist who currently runs AIM Vinyl (Berlin), and the one and only Rick (The Godson) Wilhite of 3 Chairs, Detroit. This release is vinyl only and we hope you enjoy it.

The Power - Tribute to Aaron-Carl, RS005EP

The Power - Aaron-Carl Remix  Play

The Power - Ebb&Flow Remix  Play

The Power - Pirahnahead Remix  Play

The Power - Agnes Remix  Play

The Power - Archterbahn D'Amour Remix  Play

The Power - Baaz Remix  Play

The Power - Suburb Remix  Play

Roundabout Sounds is back in 2012 with a project that was over a year in the making. “The Power EP” is a tribute to the late Aaron-Carl that contains the last track he made before he left us. As a result, we gathered a handful of supporting artists to put together this double-vinyl (only) project. Rest in peace Aaron-Carl and thank you for the memories!

Warm Spiral EP, RS004EP

Khalil - I Need a Bass 

Duijin & Douglas - Insert Into DD  Play

Joe Babylon - Issentec 

Denny Trajkov - Miliz 

Various Artist collection that includes a tasty track from Tunisia’s Khalil Lajmi followed by another submission from the Amsterdam duo Duijn & Douglas. On the flipside you'll find label boss’ Joe Babylon and “Issentec” along with Macedonian artist Denny Trajkov with his dubby “Miliz”. Enjoy!

85@Union EP, RS003EP

Feel - Joe's Roundabout Dub  Play

Feel - Mike Huckaby Remix  Play

It's all R&B - Joe's Roundabout Dub 

It's all R&B - Duijn & Douglas Dirty Down Remix 

Roundabout Sounds (San Jose, CA) presents its 3rd Ep “85@Union” named after the south San Jose neighborhood where Joe (Babylon) resides and put the Ep together. The original tracks by Ebb & Flow (Joe Babylon & Warren Cowley) stay true to the moody/dubby house vibe that the label represents along with remixes from Amsterdam’s Duijn & Douglas (Esther Duijn & Steady Douglas) and Detroit deep house icon Mike Huckaby.

Sofia's EP, RS002EP

Sofia - Ebb&Flow - Original Play

Sofia - Orlando Voorn's Deep Dub  Play

Detroit Beatdown Tribute - Original Play

Detroit Beatdown Tribute - XDB's Firstfloor Mix  Play

Named after my daughter whose voice is on both tracks. Original produced by Ebb & Flow (Joe Babylon and Warren Cowley) Remix by Orlando Voorn “Detroit Beatdown Tribute” (produced by Joe Babylon) Dedicated to the ones that inspired me to start working on tracks again after 12 years off. Thanks Mike, Delano and Norm! Remix by XDB of Metrolux Music (Germany) who has also remixed Norm Talley’s “Cosmic Waves”

Roundabout Sounds Debut EP - Joe Babylon

Debut EP, RS001EP

Rise - Rick Wade's Angry Heat  Play

Rise - Original Play

I Speak Jive - John Tejada Remix  Play

I Speak Jive - Original Play

After a 12 year hiatus since leaving Plus Research in 1998, Joe Babylon is back with Roundabout Sounds representing the SF Bay Area in California. "We Rise" produced by Joe Babylon and remixed by the incomparable Rick Wade. "I Speak Jive" produced by Joe Babylon and remixed by his good friend and world class house music producer, John Tejada.